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celebrating. our daughter gave birth to twins in november. we have twin grandchildren. they're eight-months old. we couldn't be happier. they got through great. they were cared for. we're es so proud of our daughtr and her husband. pregnant women in danger of gestational diabetes that could threaten their lives or the lives of the babies they're carrying, to now have preventive screening to protect them. don't come to the floor and tell me you're pro-life and profamily and oppose that because if you want a healthy mom and a healthy baby, this screening that starts tomorrow for millions of american women will be a positive step forward toward uneventful births and healthy babies. think about the care and screening for cancer and for all of the problems that women face. i see senator murrion the floor here. -- i see senator murrion the floor here. i want to yield the floor to her in a moment. i want to close by saying this. all those who were on this campaign to repeal obamacare -- that was their slur on it; we accept it -- it is health care under president obama. one of the most impor
heartland and soil of the united states of america. the twin towers, the pentagon. 2001, we had a spike in unemployment, and our economy went in the tank. between that time, though, i think americans should realize that we didn't have exactly everything we wanted in terms of job growth, but unemployment between 2002 and the middle of 2007 actually averaged between 4.5% unemployment and 6% unemployment. we weren't happy with that then, but wouldn't we love to have that level of unemployment now, rather than the 8-point % and the over -- 8.2% and the over 8% we've sustained for 40 straight weeks. americans need to remember, this doesn't have to be the case, the 8.2%. as late as october of 2007 the unemployment rate in this country was 4.4%. we can do that again, but we will not do it again with the failed policies that the president and his party have been imposing on our country during their entire stewardship. the senator from missouri mentioned 8% or higher and the effective rate is 11% if everybody that had left the job force came back in and tried to get a job. actually the unemploy
made her whole campaign platform that i was 37 years young, had twins and she would spit out the word infant because i had just given birth to our third child you can be a member of congress and good mother and you just can't be both at the same time. >> an issue that is raised with candidates. >> one of the things i wanted to raise, i am fi class is half full kind of person also but think about it when men are also inherently very intelligent and if you look and see what happens when your interoffice with purpose will look back and say why would i want to do that? i go back and look at the 2008 campaign. if you are hillary clinton and you have people talking about your cleavage or you are sarah palin and have people saying how are you going to be vice president when you have so many children do you want to run and i mean, how often is a male candidate running and you hear members of the media say look at that fat belly and comb over. it never happens. [laughter] have you ever seen that happen? it doesn't happen. >> you think it -- >> but you don't say it. when it is the female candid
the state. if you look, madam president, in southeastern utah near twin falls, the wolferine energy creek farm, it covers about 5,000 acres and pays royalties to 30 different landowners. in 2011 idaho's installed wind capacity grew by nearly 75%. that growth created hundreds of temporary construction jobs as well as permanent jobs in operation maintenance of these facilities. another number, right now idaho's wind sources provide power for nearly 160,000 homes without releasing the nearly 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide that traditional power sources would. wind supports close to 500 jobs in the state of idaho, jobs that wouldn't exist if the wind industry had not been enticed to invest in idaho because of the production tax credit, the p.t.c. and wind energy projects are an investment in local and state economies. wind energy producers provide nearly $2.5 million to the state in property tax payments every year and over $2 million annually in land lease payments to local idahoans who invest that money back into their local communities. those are real dollars that these communit
as the evil twins of candidate campaigns as one f.e.c. commissioner put it. raising unlimited secret money and spending it on massive amounts of advertising, most of it negative, to benefit their preferred candidate. our campaign finance system is broken and it lends itself to corruption in new and unprecedented ways. immediate action is required to fix it. today, we're debating a bill that will at least bring some transparency and accountability into this election spending. this should not be a democratic issue or a republican issue, and in the past, it has not been. it has always had bipartisan support. because it's about protecting our democratic process. we need to pass the disclose act now. as the "usa today" editorial said, citizens united left the public only one way to protect itself from the rising threat -- disclosure. at the federal level, this would be achieved by the disclose act. i thank "usa today" for supporting this bill. the supreme court also made it crystal clear in that very citizens united decision that disclosure was an appropriate and even a necessary part of the he
-- twinning divide between wall street and main street, and you touched on it previously in answering mr. sherman's question, there's a lot to be done for those individuals who are underwater in mortgages and that whole area. and i believe we did the right thing when we did talk, but there's a lot of questions out in with reference to -- here's what main street says. you helped out others. what happens to in the? why can't i get a hand up, a lift up? recently i saw in the new york times there was somewhere out of the box type proposals, one of which were governments have used the legal doctrine of imminent domain and people looked at it generally in real estate on property, but using imminent domain to purchase underwater mortgages at a fair market value, thenork with private investors to reissue new mortgages with smaller balances to homeowners and home owners would no longer be underwater and would be able to repair their credit lating so not likely to default, and new investors would be repaid, and the taxpayers won't be involved, won't be anything added to the budget. so my first que
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6